We offer PMI and non-destructive chemical analysis of metals

The company specialises in the job-order manufacture of pressure equipment complying with Czech and foreign standards. The company began this type of specialised production in 1964 and to this day has produced more 2,500 pressure tanks of various construction, material and dimensional design. Ondřejovická strojírna processes complete technical projects for equipment, including calculations according to international standards.


  • chemical industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • refineries
  • energy industry
  • food processing industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • water management industry
  • metallurgical industry


  • ASME Code Sec. VIII (div. 1 – “U” stamp)
  • ASME Code Sec. VIII (div. 2 – “U2” stamp)
  • AD-M HPO ã PED – 97/23/EC – MODUL H1
  • GOST R


  • pressure vessels
  • condensers, exchangers
  • coolers
  • columns
  • filters
  • tanks
  • other chemical equipment (according to requirements)

We now offer a new positive material identification service (PMI) and precise, non-destructive, fast chemical analysis of metallic materials (e.g. high, medium and low-alloy materials, super alloys and precious metals).

PMI is carried out with the new INSPECTOR spectrometer, equipped with a portable iPAQ computer running analytical software. This combination achieves maximum accuracy, comfort and efficiency when identifying materials.

The device reliably identifies the following elements: Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Zr, Nb, Mo, Hf, W, Ta, Re, Pb, Ag, Sn, Bi, Sb…

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Mr. Jiří Záluský – QCM
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